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The Moulage System

Moulage Model
A Real Time Data Sharing & Analysis Application Framework in Java
The Moulage System is a real time data sharing & analysis system framework. Applications built using the Moulage System allow investigators to import data from virtually any source, perform real time analysis of the data in question, and query other available data sources (networked database systems). The data can then be exported to a colleague (including the analysis software needed to view the data), to a formatted report, or to a binary data file. Moulage System based applications can also provide access to high performance data systems to allow large computational analysis of data at speeds normally inaccessible to regular desktop applications.

Current Version
Licensing Moulage

The Moulage System source and binary executables are freely available for all academic and education institutions for any use. Businesses and individuals may freely use the Moulage System source and binary executables for development and testing purposes only. For nonexclusive commercial license to use or redistribute the Moulage System please contact the University of Washington Office of Technology Transfer (206-543-3970) or the University of Washington School of Medicine Office of Industrial Relations (206-685-8710).

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