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Bioglyphics & BALSA

Biological Abstraction Layer for Simulation Analysis
BALSA is a prototype cell systems modeling environment written in Java.

BALSA features:
  • a Bioglyphics software editor
  • a Bioglyphics to SBML compiler
  • automated cartoon generation
  • seamless integration with SigTran for SBML models

For more information on BALSA, please contact:

Paul Loriaux

To view a representation of the canonical Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway that plays a key role in development and disease, and that is featured on the AAAS Signal Transduction Knowledge Environment, click here.

To view the compiled SBML representation of this pathway, click here.

To see how Bioglyphics can be used to facilitate the creation of complex, multi-state and multi-contextual molecular systems, see the 10 statement degredation complex formation module, and its compiled SBML form, which consists of 167 distinct reactions.


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