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Labscape for Education

Labscape for Education The Labscape system is designed to help scientists and students access and capture information in the laboratory. This easy-to-use system employs interactive flowchart representations that provide:
  • a visual overview of the experiment procedure
  • association of appropriate instructions to steps
  • direct student annotation of the procedure
  • and resource URLs linked to the protocol
Latest Developments
Labscape Plug-in for TeraLab
A plug-in has been developed to add CSI Specific features to the commercial software product TeraLab. Click HERE to download the plug-in.
Labscape on Internet2
Labscape for Education, a combination of the Labscsape ubiquitous computing platform and the Network Learning Campaign, kicks into high gear with the Internet2 K20 Program. Read about the Labscape for Education on Internet2 K20 on the Internet2 K20 website Learn more about Labscape and view a short video describing the project at the Labscape Project Homepage here at CSI.
We would like to acknowledge the sponsorship of the Learning Science & Technology group at Microsoft and Intel Higher Education, whose generous support made the CSI-Labscape pilot project at Ballard High School a possibility.

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