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Amnis IS100 at Cell Systems Initiative

Amnis installs IS100beta at UW/CSI:
Studies of T cell, dendritic cells underway
Amnis has installed a beta-version of the IS100 multi-spectral cell imaging platform at UW/CSI. UW/CSI biologists have spent three years meticulously characterizing both a transgenic T cell receptor cell system and populations of dendritic cells. Extensive characterization of a variety of molecular parameters and growth conditions have been done in anticipation of being able to pursue high-throughput, multi-parameter studies of T cells and dendritic cells [including specific sub-sets of dendritic cells] at various stages of cell-cell interaction. The Amnis IS100 multi-spectral imager is well suited to such quantitative observations of cell-cell complexes given that both spectral and image information is obtained and the throughput enables statistical analysis of large numbers of independent observations.

All studies will be performed using the Teranode VLX Designer suite [aka Labscape] thus enabling scientists at multiple sites to have access to protocols, experiment details, data and analysis in an unambiguous, consistent format.
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The signed beta-version of the Amnis IS100 multi-spectral cell imaging platform. The complete Amnis Team joins CSI scientists in celebrating the successful installation of the IS100 beta machine in the UW/CSI Laboratory. T cell images from the first cells to run on the machine after installation at UW/CSI.

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